Erik Christman makes products that reflect his deep, rich heritage and strong work ethic. Growing up in a family that has sailed and boated in the area for generations, Erik is familiar with the work a respectable boat owner puts into his investment, and has dedicated his profession to the creation of unique, handcrafted premium yacht accessories for the discerning boat owner.

In addition, his classic treatment of nautically-themed wood products blends with any decor, whether it is on a yacht or in the kitchen of a beach house along the strand.  He wanted to incorporate the understated sophistication of nautical woodworking into home decor.Starboard Planks are the perfect accessory for any elegant home or yacht. The boards allow you to entertain casually yet with extraordinary style.

Whether you are hosting a beach barbeque, enjoying a sunset sail or having cocktails on the deck, Starboard Planks set the mood for a memorable evening.

The classic vintage styling of the “Starboard Planks” is due to the careful, handcrafted construction and craftsmanship of Erik Christman. “Starboard Planks” are a welcome part of any yacht galley or kitchen, as well as a thoughtful gift to a host or hostess that they will cherish and use for years.