Erik Christman came by the craft of premium woodworking honestly; it has been an object of fascination for him since high school woodshop over two decades ago. After twenty years of learning and perfecting his craft, Erik has reached back into his younger days and memories and pulled from the past reminisces of the classic Chris Craft wooden boats that used to ply the coast along the Sound.

The sleek lines raking back from bow to stern, the weatherworn floors and soles, and the high varnish quality of the brightwork inspired Erik to construct vintage-themed yacht accessories. “There is nothing superior to wood for sturdiness, beauty, and quiet elegance that will stand the test of time. Wood that is professionally worked and cared for can be passed down for generations, with value adding every year that passes.”

In this age of cheap plastic yacht accessories, the durable strength of Erik Christman’s “Starboard Plank” designed cutting boards and serving trays stands far and above the disposable alternatives.

Erik holds true and steady to the resourcefulness of a master woodwright, using only the absolute highest grade materials and eschewing short cuts for longer lasting and higher quality products.

His experience in furniture design coupled with his mastery of woodworking both lend themselves to the solid, enduring, custom-built yacht accessories that have both the function and the beauty only perfectly worked wood exhibits.